Just like when you post on Social Media, whenever you send an email campaign you hope and pray that people will be interested enough to actually open and read through it, and potentially turn into a compelling lead. In an ideal world everyone is nice enough to take the time to patiently read through your email, but everyone has got things to do, and no time to waste. Below is a gathering of the most important email marketing practices that you need to analyze and compare to your current campaign to make sure you’re on top of your game!

Have a Clearly Defined Target Audience: Isn’t it nice to receive emails on a particular topic that you were craving to know about? You should want the same reaction from your viewers whenever you market them through emails. You need to create segmented lists of your targeted audience. Deliver content that responds to a specific individual need, from a specific person, and do this repetitively! One size does not fit all.

What was I reading?: Oh yeah, get to the point! You need to keep emails as simple as possible, and get to the point through compelling, instructive, interesting and relevant content in order to avoid your email getting deleted.

Have a Great Subject Line: After spending so much time researching and putting everything together for your email launch, you need to make sure you also take an adequate amount of time to come up with a subject line that captures attention. Show your colleagues what you’ve got and ask for their input to make sure you are communicating what you want. Again, keep it simple.

35% of email recipients open email based on the subject line alone

Automate it: In order to deliver what each person wants to read/know about, your email campaigns need to be personalized and automated. This is by far the best way to nurture and convert leads into buyers.  Automated email campaigns also have the benefit of saving lots of time for the marketing and sales department.

Include a call-to-action (CTA): Your email needs to be ready to direct viewers towards what you want them to do as a final outcome (i.e.: download more information, contact you, request a demo, etc.) This call-to-action needs to be clearly defined within the body of the email. Try to surround it with plenty of white space, and include directional cues to make it noticeable.


Next Thursday we’ll be talking about how to engage with customers through Email Marketing! Make sure to stay tuned to learn more about this subject.

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