According to Accenture Interactive, 50% of companies have more digital content that they can effectively manage. Hotel groups are not immune, and if they don’t get control of their assets, it’s going to cost a lot of time and money. Digital Asset Management (DAM) technology offers solutions for industries across the board, the travel and hospitality industry is no different. In fact, in an industry where digital assets are so necessary, it is important that hotel groups understand what value a DAM solution can offer. Utilizing this technology will help you to effectively organize, access, share and store your digital assets.

A common issue with digital assets in the hospitality industry (photos, videos, virtual tours, marketing material etc.) is that they are difficult to keep up-to-date for each person that is granted access to them. For example, a hotelier may have their property’s images stored on their computer and, at the same time, someone else at a corporate level may have access to different, smaller or outdated images on their computer. A DAM solution enables hotel groups to control all of their digital assets from one central location that is accessible from anywhere 24/7. This allows for collaboration while ensuring consistency for each user as the most up-to-date assets will always be what they are accessing.

Another benefit of DAM technology is that it allows approved users like tour operators, PR partners, marketing companies and other internal/external stakeholders to view, select and get the asset(s). This integration ensures that the content you have displayed across the web (even on site) is consistent, accurate and fresh.

DAM systems save time and money. Fifty three percent of companies spend more time on operational details of managing content (Accenture Interactive.) Rather than multiple departments and locations uploading the same content into their own computer systems (as many call silos,) the content should be uploaded one time into a central Digital Asset Management repository. Stakeholders who need and want the content will access the system and find streamlined file search and retrieval. This allows users to more efficiently find what they are looking for and eliminates the cost of recreating lost or misplaced assets.

Visual content is perhaps the most important factor when it comes to travel planning. As this content continues to become essential to travelers’ booking decisions, it is now imperative that hotels find ways to effectively manage their assets. DAM technology gives hotel groups an avenue to organize all of their content and simplifies the process of accessing, sharing and distributing it.

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