Our Team

All exude our core values to deliver on our mission to deliver stellar customer service.

IcePortal - Henry Woodman
Henry Woodman

"Hi, I’m Henry, if I get any better, I’ll be a walking Mardi Gras! I am grateful for everything in my life – I am blessed to have a great family and a dream job and I get to work with a remarkable team.”

Ice Portal - Joe McMahon
Joe McMahon

“Hello, I’m Joe. We have an awesome tech team at IcePortal that is dedicated to delivering innovative solutions for the travel and hospitality industry. As we say, anything is possible!”

IcePortal - Martina Namestkova
Martina Namestkova

“Hi, I‘m Martina! I’m always looking for ways to improve the company processes and achieve excellence, so IcePortal can keep our clients and employees happy.”

IcePortal - Mattew Irisarri
Matthew Irisarri
Account Executive

"Hi, I‘m Matt. I’m responsible for maintaining and growing fruitful relationships with our clients. I go to great lengths to ensure that every single client is treated with the utmost courtesy and respect. Don‘t hesitate to reach out to me for any and all issues - I’m always happy to help!"

IcePortal - Jason Jean Louis
Jason Jean-Louis
Account Executive

"Hi, my name is Jason. I’m one of the Account Executives here at Ice. If you ask my clients, they will tell you first-hand how I strive to be my best, by being responsive, punctual and as helpful as possible! Your business is in my hands and when your business succeeds I succeed."

IcePortal - Vivienne Bo Yao
Vivienne “Bo” Yao

“Hi, I’m Bo. I am the guru of customer service. Need a hand with the ICE CMS– I’m your girl. Not sure what you need? Give me a call and I will point you in the right direction.”

IcePortal - Adi Biton
Adi Biton
Product Owner

“Hello, I’m Adi. I make sure our automated tools and web services fit every client’s individual needs. My work is my passion, I strive for success and settle for nothing less than perfection.”