It is no secret that personalization is the ticket to selling travel in this day and age. This holds true for business travelers, although the process may require a different approach than that used for leisure travelers. Jill Palmer of of TMC Click Travel suggests that consolidating the booking process so that business travelers are able to book all aspects of trips in one place will solve the inconvenience of using multiple portals (Buying Business Travel.) Therefore, rather than having multiple apps with personalized offers for these travelers, they will have one platform with personalized offers to book all aspects of business travel.

As companies are collecting different types of data to create this one-stop shop for business-related travel booking, it is important that they respond appropriately by offering these travelers exactly what they want and need. Amadeus has created an example of what a personalized business trip may look like:

Search and book

Data collected on a particular traveler will enable such a platform to know if they prefer extra leg room, an aisle seat and extra cabin baggage but no checked luggage. It will also know that this traveler needs premium Wi-Fi in their hotel room and that they prefer a room with a view.


The traveler would receive a personalized email offer for a taxi to pick them up at their office and drop them off at the airport, making their transport less of a hassle.


If a business traveler’s flight is delayed and they miss a connection, their itinerary is already rescheduled by the time they land. This saves the traveler time and stress and gets them where they need to be as quickly and painlessly as possible.


After checking in, the traveler is sent recommendations of nearby restaurants, also saving them time.


An automated email is sent to the traveler asking them to rate all aspects of the experience in order to better to serve them for their next trip. This also helps them to earn loyalty points!

With all the stress that comes along with business travel, the convenience of this type of platform is sure to save corporate travelers much needed time and make their experiences smoother than ever before.

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