Recent research from MDG Advertising tells us that 74% of web users are frustrated with websites that are not tailored to their needs and 72% of consumers don’t like generic marketing. In this day and age, consumers expect content to be personalized based on their interests. Therefore, in order for brands to be successful, big data must be utilized to personalize marketing content to increase online conversions. This is especially true for travel and hospitality companies, who should consider these strategies when targeting consumers:

Personalize content based on behavior rather than just basic information or demographics. Using data that shows what types of sites consumers’ visit and what they are clicking on will increase engagement.

Personalize content to simplify the research/planning/booking process. Consumers want fewer irrelevant ads/messages, higher-quality shopping interactions and to discover new products/services quicker.

Use top-notch data and technology. Over half of marketers say they struggle with personalization because of inadequate technology and because they are lacking the right data. Investing in reliable platforms to collect and analyze data is necessary in order to effectively target and engage consumers.

Address concerns about security. Since personalizing content requires consumer data, it is important to be transparent. The top factor that influences whether or not consumers share personal information is if they believe it will be kept secure.

Taking all of this into consideration will increase the success of your personalization and in turn can increase engagement and bookings online.

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