“Personalization” has been a hot topic across the web and has businesses across varying industries wondering how to implement it. The travel and hospitality industry, and other industries, use personalization to better engage and convert consumers based off of their specific interests, preferences and lifestyles — personas. Personalizing your visual content is becoming more widely used in order to stay competitive and attract consumers. In fact, 74% of web users are frustrated when sites aren’t tailored to their needs (MDG Advertising,) making personalization a “must” in the changing landscape of digital marketing.

When it comes to travel and hospitality, personalizing visual content can go a long way with converting lookers to bookers – especially when it comes to visual content. Visuals play a very important role when it comes to engaging consumers. So much that 63% more consumers value the quality of a product’s image as more important than product-specific information (Curalate.) Visuals are crucial when booking hotels, tours, cruises and other types of travel. Personalizing your photos and rich media on your brand.com site, OTAs and across the web can increase engagement and drive bookings. But how? By using a content management system that enables you to tag your content with contextual metadata.

Metatags allow you to describe what is shown in your photo, which can then be used in personalization. For example, if a photo shows newlyweds drinking champagne in your hotel’s honeymoon suite, you would tag it with the appropriate tags like: “GUEST ROOM,” “HONEYMOON SUITE,” and “COUPLE” as well as other tags to add context. These tags can be the ethnicity, the ages, the time of day, the amenities of the room and so on. Adding contextually relevant tags to curate the visuals allows marketers to determine which groups of visuals will convert highest with which personas.

Taking that to the next level, if the image tags are also mapped to the meta-tags on the leading distribution channels or OTAs, that will improve the content score. This allows the most relevant content to appear when consumers are searching travel on these channels. In short, increased bookings!

In addition to your rates and room type associations, having high quality images that are appropriately tagged will make your property rank higher in OTA search results. This is important to be competitive and to drive more bookings.

Personalization has become a necessity for digital marketers in travel and hospitality. Travelers are demanding a personalized experience from travel brands, and if they do not get it, they will go somewhere else. Hoteliers and other travel marketers should use a visual content management system that allows them to upgrade their visuals and ensures they are personalized for distribution across the web.

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