Portál comes this week with a quick 5 steps plan for a successful and cost effective social media marketing strategy. From major brands to small companies many marketers have been struggling to promote their products & brands on social media. Social Media is considered to be the best and most effective way of communicating and addressing your target audience in an efficient manner.

See below 5 quick steps to create and implement a successful Social Media Campaign.

1- Choose a Platform:

The first step is to decide which social media works better for your business and also find out where your audience is. The most common and used platforms available are Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Pinterest

Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest are mostly used for marketing for B2C services. For those who are in B2b services, LinkedIn is more suitable according to your needs.

2- Target Audience:

Second step is to know what kind of audience you are looking for. Get as much information as possible to find out targetdemographics (e.g. gender, age, education). To get a true understanding, it is helpful to examine more socio-graphic information on how consumers interact with social media. Information like the websites they visit regularly, which is more interesting for them will definitely help you through this process. Remember, the golden rule in this game is: An effective campaign needs to center around what value the company will be bringing to the consumer.

3- Implementation:

After chosen the platform you will work on and the audience you want to reach, it is time to implement your strategy. Use some good quality images which will attract visitors to your company’s profile. In the travel industry content has even more importance, so it is crucial to put extra effort adding  the right images to your social profiles. Remember: You only have one chance to cause a good first impression, so use the social space to show your values as a company and to improve the awareness of your brand.

4- Look for engagement

The social media world makes it easy for you to engage, either liking a page, posting on Facebook or following a company or important personality on Twitter. However it is harder to get your own audience to do the same on your social profiles. In order to get your target to engage you need to create quality content, consistently. Find out about what is interesting to your desired visitors and talk about it. Good quality visuals are always a good source of content to share. Be careful and choose your posts wisely, it needs to embrace your brand and values, not the other way around. Always try to post something that will intrigue the visitor. This will make it easier for them to get engage in the discussion. Your goal with a post on a social platform is to make the viewer want to know more about the subject you are talking of, taking him to your website or blog.

5- Evaluation

Measure the achievements of your social campaign is important, so you can keep track of what works best for your business. Evaluating your social activities will give you knowledge of which kind of subjects engage your customers most and reach more people. Posts using rich media tend to reach more visitors and have a higher engagement compared to those with plain text.

Find out more about how to achieve good results in Social Media Marketing reading our other posts about Twitter. Let us know if this article was helpful and feel free to reach us out with your doubts and comments!

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