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5 Social Media Post Ideas to Market Your Hotel

A strong social media presence can go a long way to attract and persuade travelers to book a stay at your hotel. An astonishing 1.7 billion people worldwide use social networks (,) creating a significant opportunity to draw in potential guests. Here are a few ideas for compelling posts to market your hotel:

1. Post links to different pages on your website. Giving users easy access to fun pages like photo galleries or virtual tours will promote your hotel and drive travelers to your website.

2. Share photos from hotel guests. Showing real people enjoying themselves at your property will make others want to do the same. People enjoy seeing their content on company pages. Plus, this kind of post can encourage user interaction. Don’t forget to come up with fun hashtags and encourage your guests to use them!

3. Additionally, share professional, high quality photos and videos of your hotel to show off all that your property has to offer. Pools, gyms, restaurants, bars and other interesting or unique areas are visuals that people want to see.

4. Promote events being held at your hotel. Dinners, parties and anything else that can raise awareness of your hotel can strike the interest of travelers.

5. Hold contests. This will draw people to your social media pages and encourage them to interact with your content and other users. This will also get people excited and can create an opportunity to get more exposure for your hotel.

These types of posts are a sure way to step up your hotel marketing and differentiate your hotel from others in the eyes of your target audience. Maintaining a robust presence on social media leads to better marketing online and is sure to catch the eye of travelers. It can sway potential guests who are unsure of where to book and will also position your property in the forefront of their minds when booking in the future.

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