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5 Ways to Attract More Guests to Your Hotel

When the peak season is over it can be hard to keep a steady stream of guests running to your hotel. Whether it’s peak or off season, are you doing your best to attract guests to your hotel in the first place? For an increase of bookings here are 5 ways to attract more consumers to your hotel.

1. Connect to your social media audience
Social Media is a great way to connect to consumers. Consumers use social media to inspire their travel and some hotels even provide the option to book via Twitter or Instagram which is a brilliant idea. Interact and engage with consumers to get them intrigued and checking out your website.

2. Personalize the experience

Personalization has been a buzz word in the industry but for good reason, personalizing a guests experience makes their stay more memorable. Customer experience can help tailor the stay. Whether it’s a business traveler, a couple checking in for a romantic weekend or a millennial and their dog, tailor the experience. By making their stay more memorable, ensures that you value them as a guest and they’ll be back.

3. Curate your visuals

Help consumers find your hotel, they are using search engines to find a hotel. Using SEO by using curated content allows consumer to find your hotel. Provide clear, large, high quality visuals that will peak their interests. Your visual content will have consumers from looking to booking.

4. Loyalty Programs

Did you know that loyalty programs is the most talked about topic in U.S. travel forums? With so many loyalty programs its hard to choose which one has the best deals. As a hotel you have to provide more than points to keep customers loyal. Consider using a tier program instead of points where members get small rewards for joining and earn their way to larger rewards. The incentive will get them through the door but an excellent experience will keep them loyal.

5. Go Mobile

Consumers love apps and mobile friendly sites, 60 percent of mobile hotel bookings happen within 24 hours of a stay.(Buuteeq) They’re not the only group going mobile, business and leisure travelers use mobile throughout the 5 stages of travel and will book elsewhere if your site is not mobile friendly. “One in five leisure travelers downloaded a travel-related smartphone app due to a poor mobile site experience.” (Google’s 2014 Traveler’s Road to Decision) Make it easy, make it intuitive and make it enticing in order to get that booking!

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