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8 Statistics on Millennial Travel Trends

he millennial demographic has companies in numerous industries adjusting their marketing strategies, including companies within the travel industry. Travel marketers hope to build brand loyalty with this younger age group now, focuing on Millennial Travle Trends, in order to generate repeat business in coming years.

These statistics from Internet Marketing Inc’s “Millennial Travel Trends: A Look at the Largest Generations’ Habits” article emphasize the top millennial travel trends – information that can be useful to travel marketers targeting this demographic:

Eighty-seven percent look to Facebook for travel inspiration – therefore, hotels should have a strong Facebook and overall social media presence.

Forty-six percent book travel through a smarthphone or tablet, meaning a strong mobile presence is also important. In fact, 86% of millennials are disappointed by bad mobile experiences.

Eighty-five percent check multiple sites before booking to get the best deal possible.

Sixty percent will upgrade their experience by purchasing extras like in-flight wi-fi. Offering extras that appeal to this generation can generate more ancillary revenue.

Ninety-seven percent will post their experiences on social media.

Sixty-eight percent will remain loyal to a program that offers them the most rewards (cash/freebies, upgrades, discounts.)

Forty-nine percent take last minute vacations, meaning that offering last minute deals could be helpful in gaining business from millennial travelers.

Taking these trends into consideration can increase bookings because of the sheer volume of travelers in this age group and can build their brand loyalty to generate repeat business for years to come.

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