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8 Stats Proving VR is becoming a “Must” for Travel Brands

Travel marketers are constantly trying to gain an edge on their competitors by embracing new ideas and technology to promote their brand/service. Virtual reality (VR) has become a heavily-discussed topic as travel companies learn more about it and how they can use it to gain bookings.

Research from YouVisit goes into more detail about how consumers view VR, and these statistics prove that it’s becoming a “must” for travel brands:

1. 13% of people who experience a VR vacation go on to book the trip or get in touch with lodging or transportation companies

2. 51% of people who viewed Marriott’s VR marketing campaign that included “Vroom Service” and “VR Postcards” said they wished this experience was available at more Marriotts

3. 66% of consumers are interested in virtual shopping

4. 73% of Gen-Z internet users are interested in VR

5. 75% of Forbes Most Valuable Brands have created some form of VR or AR (Augmented Reality) experience for customers or employees, or are developing these technologies themselves

6. 80% of people who viewed a travel-based experience felt “transported to another world”

7. 81% of consumers who try VR claim they would tell their friends about the experience

8. Thomas Cook’s in-store New York City VR experience generated a 190% increase in revenue for their New York City excursion

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