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How many Hotel images per Room are the OTAs requesting?

According to a recent study done by, 60% of travelers rank bathroom photos as “very important”. With such a large portion of travelers showing interest in bathroom photos, Expedia Group has updated their photo guidelines, now requesting four hotel images per room type, one of which must be a bathroom photo. The addition of a bathroom photo along with three other photos can show the upgrade difference between different room types. A recent Expedia Group study also shows that properties that use unique photos for each guest room type average up to 11% higher conversion rates.

With such a large focus on hotel images and the potential to bring your hotel more guests, it’s no wonder why groups such as Expedia are tightening up their photo guidelines to ensure guests get exactly what they are looking for.

Hotel Images & Requirements For Other Travel Sites

Expedia isn’t the only player in town that’s placing a larger focus on images. Sites such as Travelocity, Booking, and Trivago have started making specific requests when it comes to photos. Some of these include:

  • Photo Orientation. Vertical works, but horizontal is best. Horizontal can utilize all of the available space.
  • Authenticity. Travelers can tell if a photo has been tampered with. In most cases, choose photos that show an eye-level view, straight lines, and give travelers a real sense of your property.
  • Resolution. It matters. Images that are 3840 pixels or more on the longest side allow for a high-quality experience on desktop and mobile devices.

IcePortal’s Content Management System: First Impressions Count!

First impressions count. If a traveler is looking at your photos and they aren’t hooked right away, you’ve lost a guest. High-quality images that meet the preferred guidelines set by travel sites are the ones that have the highest conversion rate. Here at IcePortal, we know that better than anybody. That’s why we’ve built our CMS solely around visuals and the data that connects with them. With IcePortal’s Content Management System you can:

  • Score your visuals
  • Curate your visuals with meta-tags and room types
  • Track where your visuals went and when they were received
  • Have maximum control with customizable roles and permissions

Images matter more than ever. Make your first impression count with IcePortal’s CMS