Digital Asset Management

How Powerful Visuals Can Help Vacation Rentals Gain More Bookings

When it comes to vacation rentals, travelers have hundreds to thousands of options to choose from as vacation rental marketing works to get their attention. One of the most effective vacation rental solutions is eye-catching and relevant visual content. High-quality photos influence the booking decisions of guests (along with location and price). Visual content that promotes vacation rentals helps travelers imagine what it would be like for them to stay at a property. The enticing visual content should be shared on any websites that feature vacation rentals including brand websites, OTAs, social media channels and metasearch profiles. The images on these websites should be clear and easy to view with natural lighting that showcases the property. In addition, the images should have a high resolution (at least 2000 pixels, although many OTAs are requesting 4k nowadays) with any color corrections or lighting enhancements made before they are posted online. Finally, use a variety of images so potential guests can get a feeling about the atmosphere and layout of the property. Expedia now requests four photos per room type, one of which is a bathroom.

Vacation Rental Solutions That Lead to More Bookings

The goal of any vacation rental management company is to get more bookings for their vacation rental owners. Effective vacation rental solutions include:

  • Content Management Systems (CMS) allow management of vacation rentals to manage, curate, organize and distribute visuals, from one central and secure cloud-based location to thousands of online distribution channels
  • Custom-made streaming videos, 360 virtual tours, and custom apps give travelers a complete picture of what they can expect during their stay after they book a vacation rental property

A Digital Asset Library (DAL) gives authorized users access to all of the digital assets, including custom-created marketing materials, videos, maps, floor plans etc. Folders for these types of assets can be easily shared internally or externally. Stop wasting valuable time searching for assets on shared drives, dropbox, different computers.

Custom Solutions for Vacation Rentals

Custom vacation rentals solutions that make attracting more bookings easier include:

  • A customized Facebook app allows vacation rentals to display their approved visuals (including photos, videos, and 360 virtual tours) directly onto their Facebook page in order to keep the page updated with fresh content
  • Visitors are 67% more likely to book a vacation rental when virtual tours or videos are on a website (the visuals are hosted on Amazon CDN and can be updated by authorized users)
  • The visuals can be displayed a la carte or as part of a customized media gallery since all approved CMS visuals can be updated and delivered in real-time by all authorized users with direct access to the visual content

Vacation Rental Marketing Should Attract Attention

The key to successfully winning vacation rental bookings is getting the attention of travelers. Vacation rental marketing is designed to attract attention and get travelers to click on high-quality photos and videos to learn more about a property. Vacation rental marketing creates FOMO (fear of missing out) among travelers and spurs them into action so they don’t miss out on the opportunity to book a vacation rental. Promoting and marketing vacation rentals on company websites and OTAs allows property management teams to share the story of their available vacation rentals and convert prospective guests into confirmed bookings.