Digital Asset Management

How Property Management Distributes Visual Content Worldwide

Visual content is a key factor in influencing guests to book a hotel or vacation rental property. Online visuals tell the story of the property and entice guests to learn more about the property. High-quality digital images are delivered to thousands of travel sites, using online distribution channels, thanks to a content management system (CMS). A CMS is a cloud-based content system that connects to thousands of leading global distribution channels to deliver visual content to thousands of travel sites such as OTAs, GDSs, search engines, local directories, social networks, and DHISCO. In addition, the corresponding content with the online visuals can be translated into multiple languages so it is easier for people across the globe to view and understand the branded content.

Secrets of Managing, Distributing and Curating Online Visuals

When it comes to the proper use of online visuals, here are the secrets you need to know:

  • Online visuals need to be optimized by being properly categorized on travel sites along with the use of meta-tags, geo-codes and mapped IDs that make it easier for property management company listings to be found online.
  • Once the visual content has been delivered to travel sites via distribution channels, authorized users are able to track who uploaded the visual content, when it was uploaded and if the online visuals were modified or deleted.
  • The ability to track the visuals gives property management greater control over where and how the content is being displayed on travel channels.

Connect to Thousands of Distribution Channels & Travel Sites

The amount of information available on the Internet when it comes to searching for travel sites is larger than most people think. There are thousands of distribution channels and each one has the potential to convert a booking for a property management firm. Visual content needs to be of the highest quality because online visuals gives people viewing the sites a glimpse into what they can expect by staying at a property. Visual content on travel sites needs to be delivered while taking into account such factors as the number of images, the size of the images and the category they fall into when being associated and placed with other images. The online visuals are delivered through the cloud via a simple user interface designed specifically for the travel and hospitality industry.

CMS That Increases Engagement and Booking Conversions

A CMS increases guest engagement and booking conversions for a number of reasons. The meta-tags on the visual content are mapped to corresponding tags on all major OTAs and search engines. The meta-tags provide better context to the photos which increases their impact with consumers. In addition, the online visuals are properly categorized so the visuals that appear during a property search are accurate as well as the same on all GDSs, OTAs and search engines. The consistency and accuracy viewed on travel sites brands the property and makes it top of mind to those wanting to book a room or property.

Property management teams can count on their visual content being distributed and curated accurately with a CMS.