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How Should You Be Communicating with Your Hotel Guests?

Once a traveler has booked a hotel, there are numerous ways to communicate with them before their stay to ensure a positive guest experience. A recent study from TrustYou examined the types of pre-stay communications that hotels are using and also the preferred channels of communication by the travelers. Hotel marketers can use this information to compare how they are communicating with their guests and make sure they are using the appropriate mediums to do so.

The top forms of received communications consist of:

• Booking confirmation (79%)
• Check-in information (62%)
• Directions to property (40%)
• Booking reminder (39%)
• Online check-in (37%)
• Destination information (25%)
• Property information (21%)
• Activity information (18%)

Hotels can use an appropriate combination of these communications to effectively engage their guests before their stay. It is important not to inundate your guests but to give them the right amount of information before they check-in. This will contribute to a positive overall guest experience.

Once you determine the type(s) of communication you will send your guests, you should also be cognizant of how they prefer to be communicated with.

These are the top channels of communication preferred by travelers:

• Email (76%)
• Hotel website (27%)
• Text message (25%)
• Booking website (24%)
• Hotel app (14%)
• Booking app (13%)

Although this data includes information from travelers who used a booking site, it still shows that email is the top preferred communication channel, by a landslide. Therefore, using email to engage your guests before their stay is more than likely the most effective means to do so.

Creating a positive guest experience from before their stay until after they check-out can generate repeat and referral business for your hotel.

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