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How to Engage Your Guests Before, During and After Their Stay

Guest experience starts from the moment a consumer begins planning a trip. Engaging them from the beginning and providing a seamless and pleasant experience will increase the chance that they come back and stay again, refer a friend or leave a positive review. Here are a few ways to engage your guests before, during and after their stay:

Before: Be sure to have an up-to-date website so that guests who are browsing for a room have no trouble finding information and booking. Additionally, make sure the content on your website and on OTAs is enticing and includes large, high-resolution photos that are curated with metatags. Metatagging will aid in personalizing the content that is shown to consumers and increase the chance that they book a room.

Once a guest has booked, be sure to keep them in the loop with emails – thanking them for booking/confirming their reservation, deals or upgrade information and what they need to know before checking in.

During: A great way to please your guests during their stay is to use a self check-in or automated check-in system via mobile app. Not only does this speed up their check-in process, in opens doors for further direct bookings and may entice them to purchase additional services offered on the app.

Another idea is to use data to customize guests’ in-room services. Adding stationary to a business travelers’ room or champagne to room occupied by newlyweds will help to create a positive image of your property.

After: Encourage guests to take a survey to learn what they enjoyed about your hotel and what needs work. You can also add an incentive (future discounts or deals) in exchange for this valuable information. They will appreciate that you care about making them happy and can increase the probability of repeat business from them in the future.

Also, responding to any review they may leave on Yelp, TripAdvisor, Facebook etc. (whether it be negative or positive) can help to influence their and others’ view of your property.

These are just a few of the ways that hotels can engage guests at all points throughout the travel experience. Personalizing their journey and showing that you care about pleasing them will help you to stand out in their minds and generate future bookings!

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