Digital Asset Management

Image Distribution Challenges for Vacation Rentals

Vacation rentals rely on visual content to get the attention of guests looking to book a property. Vacation rentals face several challenges when it comes to image distribution:

  1. One of the first challenges of image distribution is finding the needed images. Some vacation rentals do not use a digital asset library to organize and share assets with other team members which slows down the process of finding images on multiple servers, Dropbox, one drives, etc.
  2. Brand consistency is another challenge as it is vital that the visual content has the same quality across all channels. A content management and distribution system will ensure all of the vacation rental visuals are maintained accurately across all channels.
  3. The quality of the content is key because less than high resolution images are not as appealing to potential guests. Most OTAs are now requesting 4k photos (3980 x 2160). In addition, is the content of a relevant quality? Are the images categorized and arranged in a manner that provides relevant information to guests?

Vacation Rentals Quality of Visual Content Matters

As mentioned above, visual content makes a big impact on the success of vacation rentals:

  • The photos need to be well curated and appealing to those viewing the digital images as opposed to photos that can be found anywhere on the Internet. Wide angle room shots, well lit interior shots and photos without people are some of the main rules of thumb.
  • Images that are of low quality can be hard to view and the message delivered by subpar photos is that the vacation rental company is not proud of its property or amenities. OTAs will typically place these hotels far below the first few pages as they know these hotels will more than likely not book and are afraid that consumers will jump to their competitor when seeing poor images.
  • Visual content effectively brands a property when the image distribution is consistent across all distribution channels instead of random photos being delivered to OTAs through content management and distribution.

How to Distribute Images Consistently Through all Channels

In order to distribute images consistently across all channels, the vacation rental management company needs to ensure the images follow the branding guidelines of the management company. The photos should have a uniform tone with the same primary and secondary colors to give the photos a unified look. Once the photos are ready for image distribution, choose the channels that best reflect the image of the property. A focused strategy leads the way towards consistent messaging and quality visual content. Finally, use a digital asset library to easily organize and share the images with all team members so they have easy access to the images that need to be distributed.

Powerful Content Management and Distribution Solutions

Content management and distribution provides powerful photo delivery services to thousands of online channels as well as to all the travel agents via the GDS. Content management and distribution software gives property management companies the opportunity to see which images were uploaded and if they were modified or deleted. A CMS also shows who altered or deleted the images. The ability to track the images, as well as view when and how they were used, provides the vacation rental management company greater control over where and how their content is being displayed. Most importantly, look for a content management system that will provide you with a visual content score. This score is calculated by the larger OTAs and takes into account the resolution, photo quantity per property, if the photos are tagged with the Open Travel Alliance category and if the room photos have room types associated with them. A good CMS will provide this score and the ability to improve upon it. Once your score goes up, your search results will also go up. Can you guess what will happen? Your bookings will see an immediate boost.

Follow the tips listed above to stay ahead of the challenges of image distribution for vacation rentals and beat your competitors to the punch.