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The Top 10 Influences on Booking an Accommodation

A new study conducted by TripAdvisor (TripBarometer) gave a large collection of data in terms of travel trends to expect in 2016. 34,026 participants were surveyed about various matters regarding travel, including the top 10 factors of importance in booking an accommodation.

1. Price. Unsurprisingly, this is the most important factor in most travelers’ decisions to book a hotel (93%.)

2. Ratings/scores on review sites. 88% of travelers surveyed said that this was an element in their decision making process.

3. Online reviews and posts on TripAdvisor. 86% of those surveyed considered these reviews significant as well.

4. Proximity to key attractions was listed by a great majority of those surveyed (82%.)

5. Photos/videos posted online influenced 79% of participants. This makes a property’s images, rich media and virtual tours an extremely meaningful component in the booking process and in overall hotel online visibility.

6. Proximity to transport options. 78% listed this as a top influence.

7. Accommodation amenities was listed by 76% of travelers polled. The study also goes into further detail about different demographics and the specific amenities that influence their booking decision. For example, air conditioning and in-room wifi were the top must-have amenities, listed by 63% and 46% of participants, respectively.

8. Previous experience was also listed by 76% of participants, proving the importance of making a great impression on your guests to achieve repeat business.

9. Proximity to many dining options ranked as a factor for 75% surveyed.

10. Travel distance or time made the list of 72% of participants.

Although some of these influences cannot be helped, it is valuable to consider those that can and how they can be leveraged to improve guest satisfaction to generate more business.

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