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Travelers’ Top Criteria for Choosing a Hotel

The travelers’ path to booking a hotel is influenced by a plethora of criteria along the way. Sullivan and 20|20 Research recently put out a report, “Where They Go. Why They Stay.” that explores traveler decision-making. These are their findings in regards to criteria for choosing a hotel:

Value for money. Just like consumers purchasing in other industries, travelers want the best value for what they are paying. A proper pricing strategy is important for your property in order to stay competitive with other hotels that consumers are considering.

Location (proximity.) While some properties are much closer to popular attractions and landmarks than others, it is important for travelers to know what’s nearby. Including information and images on your brand site and on third party channels about how accessible these places are from your hotel can aid in their decision-making.

Local experience (neighborhood.) Consumers want to know about the neighborhood their hotel is in for obvious reasons (safety, accessibility, etc.) Highlighting positives about the neighborhood your property is located in can help to paint a picture for those browsing for an accommodation.

Accommodation type. Although you can’t appeal to everyone, appealing to the specific traveler that is looking for your accommodation type will go a long way to influence their decision-making.

Accommodation details. Including detail will set you apart from other hotels in the running during a consumer’s decision-making process. The more they know, the more likely they will book a room. This is very important for hotels delivering their images to OTAs – your listing will look more appealing to consumers if there are more images representing these details. Not to mention, having more images will boost the ranking of your listing in OTA search results.

Ease and reliability of booking. A quick and efficient booking process can make the difference between one accommodation or another. After all of the effort that goes into enticing consumers to book a room at your hotel, booking should be simple in order to seal the deal.

Consumers validate these criteria by referrals, ratings/reviews, past experience, special offers/deals, cost, written description and images.

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