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Why Hotel Technology Is Important to Business Travelers

Not all business travelers are created equal. Some people only go on business travel trips once or twice a year while others travel once or twice a month (or more). Hotel technology is very important to business travelers as they are always looking for ways to streamline the process of checking-in to the hotel or ordering room service simply because they are on the road a good majority of the time. They want to avoid long lines, as well as avoid talking to anyone, and simply get into their room as easily as possible. Hotel technology that can make daily tasks in a hotel easier to carry out might one day make it even easier for guests to enjoy a relaxing stay at a hotel on their own terms without having to rely on hotel workers to assist them.

What do Hotel Business Travelers NOT Want:

When it comes to a hotel stay, here are some items business travelers do NOT want:

  • They do not want issues with the hotel wi-fi. They want hotel technology to give them Internet access in their room and they want it without having to pay for it (if possible).
  • There are many times business travelers do not want to stand in line/wait in line to check-in. Many business travelers visit the same hotel or stay with the same hotel group on a regular basis. They want the process simplified to the point they can check-in and get their room key on their own.
  • During their business travels, guests do not want a room without a good amount of power outlets. Everyone has multiple devices to plug-in and power up and this can include phones, computers, tablets and even iron for their clothes.

New Hotel Technology Makes Business Travel More Enjoyable

As we approach the New Year, there is much in the way of technology that makes business travel more enjoyable for all kinds of business travelers:

  • Service automation places the decision-making process in the hands of guests for tasks such as targeted feedback questionnaires, self-checkout and ordering room service without having to talk to a guest relations person.
  • Guest apps allow smartphones to take center stage during a hotel stay. Branded hotel apps let guests pay through the app, have instant communication with a concierge and take 360-degree tours of the hotel rooms before booking a hotel stay.
  • Artificial Intelligence (AI) has the goal of providing guests with a hassle-free stay. AI can give guests a singular experience by mapping and identifying the preferences of users to create a custom-made guest package.
  • Augmented Reality (AR) offers in-house interactive elements (like maps and points of interest) as well as information that is relevant to certain parts of the hotel (such as restaurant menus and spa information and prices).

Hotel Visuals Can Attract Business Travelers

Even with all the advances in hotel technology listed above, hotel visuals still play a key role in attracting business travelers. Hotel visuals share the story of the property and a visual asset management system allows multiple hotel employees to have access to the visual assets of the property no matter what time of day the visuals are needed. Hotel visuals, on the hotel website or located on an OTA, give guests a better idea about the amenities of a property as well as the size of the rooms and the activities located near the property. High-quality images, as well as the tagging of technology shown in the photos, should be used as hotel visuals can be the deciding factor in booking a property.

Hotel technology is important to business travelers so make sure your technology is up to date and meets the needs of business travelers in any industry.