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Why your Hotel needs Virtual Tours

For many years we’ve seen that video content has (and will) perform a useful roll in the travel industry, and is one of the top hospitality trends for each year. But, have you ever considered a videos’ cheaper -and just as effective- version,  a virtual tour?

In fact, a virtual tour actually requires less money and planning than a video does, and it provides many of its outstanding benefits. Such are:

Provides Transparency: a virtual tour allows consumers to view every corner of the room that is displayed. Having such detailed exposure allows your property to communicate what you can offer seamlessly, and customers perceive you as being transparent.

Makes your brand trustworthy: transparency with your clients leads to increased trust in a product or service.

Creates a sense of value: Having interactive media in your listing will let the consumer know you care enough to invest money and time in the way you market your property, thus creating an additional value for your hotel.

Generates a long-lasting impression: Having a great visual content piece to represent your hotel— such as a virtual tour— can truly create a marvelous first impression. Doing this can help you greatly, since it will increase a persons’ interest in your hotel, and might end up booking a room in it.

Makes consumers feel in control: Virtual tours allow a further engagement with your viewers. They can choose what it is they want to see, in what direction they want to head, and what they want to skip.

Increases website retention: This media generates a higher level of curiosity and engagement than when it is not present. Users are likelier to stick around and see what else your property can offer. The more they stay on your website, the bigger the changes of them converting into a booker.

Increases bookings: With all of the aspects mentioned previously, it’s no wonder virtual tours can increase your overall bookings. However, what was mentioned before, with or without bookings, is the guaranteed impression that virtual tours will have in your viewers.

So, why not give it a try if you’re not looking to jump onto the video production wagon?

Here are some additional stats that might reinforce what I am trying to communicate…

Statistics on Virtual Tours in Hotels & Resorts:

– Websites with virtual tours are viewed 5-10 times longer than those without virtual tours (Visual Visit Bali).
– Virtual tours reduce the amount of wasted viewings by 40% (Property Week)
– A site with a 360 virtual tour and interactive media will receive 40% more views than a competitor’s site that is lacking      media (Pew Internet Life Study).
– Hotels that have virtual tours on their website, generate 48% more bookings (research by Best Western)
– Visitors to a website that features a virtual tour stay generally 3x longer on that website (Panomatics)
Rich media (interactive visuals, such as videos and/or virtual tours) increase conversion rates by 64% (IcePortal)

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