Marketing your hotel property is worth the time, effort and ROI if done correctly. While hoteliers think it could be practical to provide consumers with content that is more affordable by doing it themselves, nothing beats the quality of a professional photographer. Professional photos are used during travel shopping by almost 50% of US online travel shoppers (PhoCusWright). Showcase the value of your property by providing excellent visuals. When it comes to marketing your property, follow our 3 rules on visual content.You want to stand out in a sea of choice? Provide high quality visuals! Visuals are vital in the planning process of travel. Whether your visuals are on a brand page or OTA, consumers will book elsewhere if your visuals are not clear and up to date. With the rapid pace of technology, your competition’s visuals will knock you out of the race if they are more up to date.

  • Visual content is important during the browsing phase, with a higher average number of views per hotel on properties consumers will consider to book than on visuals for browse only hotels. (Cornell, Eye Tracking Study 2014)
  • Images are among the top 3 features travelers look for when doing initial research (The 2013 Google Traveler)
  • Customers consider the quality of a products image is more important than product-specific information (63%), a long description (54%) and ratings and reviews (53%) (MDG Advertising)

When it comes to marketing your property, your motto needs to be “the bigger the better!”. Large images increase consumer engagement better than smaller images. Show off your property and all the amenities it has to offer! It will provide consumers with a clear view of your property (pun intended) as well as provide consumers with a sense of pride in your property. With the majority of leisure travelers planning travel across multiple devices it’s important to make your images compatible and device friendly.

  • Larger images increased sales by 46% (Visual Web Optimizer)
  • Leisure travelers research and book across devices, regardless of category. 85% of travelers use computers/tablets to research lodging compared to 26% of travelers using smartphones (The 2014 Google Traveler)

While we emphasized the importance of quality, let us not forget about quantity. The more visuals that you provide, the more engagement you’ll create. By the time you take photos of your guest rooms, suites, bathrooms, lobby, amenities, restaurants and meeting rooms, they’ll be plenty of photos for your consumers to flip through. We’re visuals beings, we capture information at a faster rate through visuals than through text. So provide large, numerous, up to date photos to showcase your property, increase engagement and increase your bookings.

  • Travelers are 150% more engaged with listings that have more than 20 photos than with properties that have only a few photos (TripAdvisor)
  • Doubling a hotel’s online pictures can result in 5% take-up and $3.50 higher Average Daily Rate (Expedia)
  • 40% of people will respond better to visual information than plain text (Zabisco)

How are your visuals looking?

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