Have you heard of scoring hotel images ?

Are you a large hotel group looking to simplify your image distribution or a small, independent hotel looking to extend the reach of their marketing? Certainly, a dynamic visual content management system (CMS) is what you need. Implementing a system like this will improve workflows on your side and increase engagement and bookings online. But what makes a dynamic visual CMS? Aside from a large, worldwide network of online travel distribution channels, your CMS provider should have these five elements:

•  Scoring hotel images
• Tagging of visuals
• Tracking of visuals
• Delivery in correct specs and language
• Stellar customer support

Scoring Hotel Images

Firstly, let’s discuss scoring hotel images, as it is extremely useful in auditing the quality of your visuals. These scores are based off of what is considered a high-quality visual and what is favored by OTAs. We at IcePortal use this scoring system to show where visuals are excelling and where they need improvement:

Consequently, ensuring your content meets this criteria will ensure optimal distribution to OTAs, GDSs, social networks, search sites and even your brand website. For the reason that a higher quality score directly correlates to a higher OTA ranking, better hotel online visibility and more bookings scoring hotel images is a must.

Visit us again for the next part in our blog series that will discuss the importance of a CMS that allows for tagging of visuals.

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