Portál’s next adventure took place in the luxurious mega-yacht, SeaDream, from the SeaDream Yacht Club, where he navigated the Caribbean and took pictures and virtual tours of the 5-star service yacht as the friendly crew pampered him.

Portál took this time to seat by the clear-water beaches of the Caribbean and soak up the sun while taking some pictures of the majestic yacht. He needed a tan.

Along his sightseeing escapades, Portál found a friendly little boy who seemed to be lost. He helped him buy beach-wear and later on took him back to his parents. They did not seem to like their sons’ new outfit, but were grateful for Portáls’ help.

After a long, ‘hectic’ day, Portál decided he needed to relax his wings, so he scheduled a nice massage over at the SeaDream Spa, and took the opportunity to do a virtual tour of it.

On his last day, Portál started reminiscing all of his great moments at the SeaDream Yacht. Overall it was an experience he would never forget, and he took this moment to try and snap-out of his relaxation comma.

Once he was ready to go back inside he realized……

He couldn’t figure out how to get down on his own…

If you enjoyed reading about Portál’s yachting experience, keep checking our blogs to learn more from his adventures in the near future!

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