3 Spring Cleaning Tips for Your Hotel Marketing

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HOTEL MARKETING 101 Now that spring is will be here soon, what better time to “spring clean” your hotel marketing efforts? To kick off your hotel marketing spring cleaning, ensuring these three items are taken care of is a a great place…
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What to Look for in a Visual Content Management System (Part 4/5)

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So far, our series has covered scoring, tagging and tracking within a visual CMS. The fourth part of our series will focus on the importance of delivering  the correct specs for hotel visuals to all the channels. Delivering Correct Specs…
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What to Look for in a Visual Content Management System (Part 3/5)

In recent weeks we’ve highlighted how scoring and tagging of visuals within a visual content management system (CMS) can benefit hotels. The third part of our series will discuss tracking hotel visuals and how it can help you audit your…
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What to Look for in a Visual Content Management System (Part 2/5)

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Last week, we began discussing what travel suppliers should be looking for in a visual content management system (CMS). Our first criteria was scoring of visuals.  Scoring helps travel marketers audit their visuals for optimal distribution…

What to Look for in a Visual Content Management System (Part 1/5)

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Have you heard of scoring hotel images ? Are you a large hotel group looking to simplify your image distribution or a small, independent hotel looking to extend the reach of their marketing? Certainly, a dynamic visual content management…

Promoting Your Hotel with Facebook Video

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Video marketing is rising in popularity across most industries, especially the travel and hospitality industry. To be specific, 65% of travelers use video when thinking about taking a trip (Think with Google). Travel video content is consumed…

How to Step Up Your Hotel’s Instagram Marketing

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Instagram has been rapidly increasing in popularity over the past few years, with 800 million monthly users as of September 2017. If you have not yet figured it out, this is a crucial platform to use in your hotel marketing. Since images…

Tips to Optimize Your Hotel’s Google My Business Page

Having an up-to-date, informative and visually appealing Google My Business page is important when driving consumers to your site. It can be the deciding factor between whether they click to your site, search for another hotel…

5 Blog Topic Ideas for Hotels

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As you may have read in our article “Benefits of Having a Hotel Blog,” a blog is a useful tool when marketing your property to travelers. It can be used in conjunction with your other marketing efforts and can help to increase bookings.…

6 Stats on Digital Asset Management

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As we discussed previously in our article “Why Managing your Hotel’s Digital Assets Saves Time and Money,” Digital Asset Management (DAM) solutions can significantly benefit hotels. This technology offers a way for brands to effectively…