Are Your Hotel Visuals Being Distributed Properly Across All GDS’?

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Hotel Photo Distribution on all GDSs (a How to) First of all, in order to increase hotel bookings on all global distribution systems, it is imperative for hoteliers that their hotels’ visuals are being displayed properly. When uploading…
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What to Look for in a Visual Content Management System (Part 2/5)

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Last week, we began discussing what travel suppliers should be looking for in a visual content management system (CMS). Our first criteria was scoring of visuals.  Scoring helps travel marketers audit their visuals for optimal distribution…

A 7-Step Quality Audit for Your Hotel Visuals

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Today’s hotel booking landscape is as competitive and cut-throat as ever, making it an absolute necessity for hotel marketers to cover all of their bases on the web. One of the most important, if not THE most important factor in consumers…
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Case Study: What Upgraded Visuals Can Do for Hospitality Companies

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Case Study on Upgrading Hospitality Visuals Since 2014, G6 Hospitality with our assistance, has been upgrading  visuals for their 1,400+ properties nationwide. They started with approximately 4,500 images averaging 800x600 pixels in size…

What Big Data Means for Hotel Visuals

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Today’s travelers are starting to expect a personalized experience throughout all stages of travel. As a matter of fact, 74% of consumers feel frustrated when website content is not personalized (Infosys.) This shows us that in the evolving…

5 Scandinavian Hotels with Alluring Visuals

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After previous articles that examined stunning visuals from hotels in Mexico, the Caribbean, Europe and Asia, we now look at the Scandinavian countries. These five properties throughout Norway, Sweden and Denmark offer fascinating visuals…
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Travelers’ Top Criteria for Choosing a Hotel

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The travelers’ path to booking a hotel is influenced by a plethora of criteria along the way. Sullivan and 20|20 Research recently put out a report, “Where They Go. Why They Stay.” that explores traveler decision-making. These are…

Why Digital Asset Management is Important for Your Hotel

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After upgrading your hotel’s visuals for the upcoming year, hoteliers should consider using a Digital Asset Management (DAM) system to organize their digital assets. A recent report from IDC, “Proving the Value of Digital Asset Management…

8 Stats on Travel Industry Use of Visual Assets

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Visual assets are one of the top influences on online conversion, especially when talking about the travel industry. When it comes to selling travel online, consumers want to see what they are getting. The travel industry is well aware…

Case Study: What Effect Do Better Visuals Have on Booking Conversion?

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Case Study: What Effect Do Better Visuals Have on Booking Conversion? Overview Resort Homes Florida recently updated the content on their brand website and on with higher quality photos. This resulted in higher online…