The Big Issue Facing Hotel Marketing Directors

A few large owners of online demand for hotel accommodation, commanding and securing rate parity, also ask for product parity, sometimes outperforming many hotels own websites in selling the products.

Whilst many hotels are experienced in regaining customers from competitors, winning back travellers from third party online suppliers may require a different set of skills and tactics; we know many of the guests checking out of our property are likely to be using properties and brands in other locations where we have no product for them to purchase.

In looking at the way our customers want to interact with our brand at the point of purchase, what happens if we uncover a need to significantly change the processes, skills and associated systems we’ve spent the last five years installing, understanding and mastering in order to preserve or improve margin?

Because we can

We live in a world of “e-duction”, tempted and lured through educative marketing into wanting and subscribing to more and more technology, applications and storage, to digitally manage and realise more enjoyment in our lives. Many of us repeatedly convince ourselves and our friends that we need to replace the way we perform simple tasks as a result of being inundated with alternatives that conveniently reside in our personal digital space – smartphone, tablet or desktop, or maybe all three. Having so much capability in a wallet-sized device can be as practical as it is consuming.

We now have smartphones where the monthly line rental for unlimited global calls can be less than the cost of a transatlantic landline call several years ago. SMS was seen by many as a cost-saving alternative to the initially prohibitive cost of cell phone usage. Yet despite the improved financial economics of mobile phone usage, we too often choose to silence ourselves with SMS and social media, increasingly “talking” without sound. This is on a device designed originally to transfer sound. Why? Because we can.

Author: Peter Fitzgerald, Principal, Hotel Solutions Partnership

Peter Fitzgerald advises on all areas of sales, marketing, distribution, global distribution systems, hotel representation, online channel management, central reservation systems, property management systems and e-commerce

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