The Secret of Big Hotel Chains Visual Content Management

The Secret of Big Hotel Chains Visual Content Management

Curating tens of hundreds of thousands of hotel photos, videos and image 360s could be an insurmountable task for large hotels. How do they do it? They utilize a visual content management system. A (CMS for short) allows hotel content management departments to utilize the power of the CMS for tagging, adding room types and categorization. Once these are in place the CMS will distribute all the content to the OTAs, GDSs, search sites and tour operators that the hotel is connected to.

How Hotels Benefit from our CMS

Manually uploading photos is not ideal. It’s time consuming, inefficient, and can cause issues with maintaining a consistent brand image. By utilizing our CMS, hotels can:

  • Include relevant meta-tags with visuals
  • Include room type info
  • Gain better control of assets

All of this leads to a better content score. With Choice Hotels, this translated to an 8% increase in their content score which means they are getting that many more eyeballs on their hotels. Pretty good deal, right?

Visual Asset Management with IcePortal CMS

With IcePortal CMS, you’ll have your visuals delivered to the world’s largest distribution network. You’ll be in front of potential guests all over the world.

You can track your images to see where they are delivered to. You’ll be provided image quality scores and images will be curated with meta-tags. All of this while freeing up hours of not only visual asset management but manpower as well. Not to mention, without the brand-damaging effects of the old ways, your company can become more profitable just be avoiding costly mistakes.

Visuals DO matter. With the help of IcePortal’s CMS, you’ll always be at the top of your game.

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