There are many controversies regarding the rising application called Snapchat. The app was originally designed to share moments with friends, without worrying about putting a pretty face on; however some people have been using it for other –censured—purposes.Regardless of what some people do with it, Snapchat has presented very important approaches that are of value to marketers whenever it comes to creating any type of content. Below are listed the most significant ones.

Create a Sense of Urgency: The fact that people have 10 seconds or less to get a good peek at the snap makes them actually open the message and pay attention to it! Just like in Snapchat, creating a sense of urgency increases sales and the interest of the
consumer. Conversely, if you do not create a sense of urgency properly, you might lose credibility. Doing it repetitively might make people lose interest. Also, it’s important to keep your offers real and hold on to your word. Simple ways to create urgency are to include a noticeable deadline or claim the scarceness of an offer/product/ service. Many online retail stores include a caption below the product saying “only 2 left!” or “low stock”.


Get their full attention within seconds: Good Snapchats’ are usually those that communicate everything in the single
picture/video. It’s straight to the point and people don’t have to try and figure out what you’re trying to say. They also promote the engagement of the end users, by them replying with a snap of themselves. The same factors should be taken into consideration when creating content. Make it simple and present them with engaging content within 10 seconds (if not less); otherwise, they will leave your webpage.

Create content that is ‘screenshot’ worthy: If you’re lucky (or unlucky in the case of Snapchat) the picture/video you present to your viewers will be so engaging that they will think it’s worth saving and sharing with their friends. This is the exact same reaction you want to create out of every piece of content you generate. Remember to always segment your audience! Snapchat allows you to choose the list of recipients for every single snap. This is great because some people might find a certain snap funnier or more interesting than other people. In the marketing world, you want to make sure that whoever you send your content to will have your desired reaction and will have interest in what you have to offer.

This application undoubtedly reiterates the importance and effectiveness of these content marketing  strategies. In order to constantly create good content, it’s important to notice if these variables are met, and then analyze the response of your viewers.

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