The winter holidays are upon us. It’s crucial for hoteliers to make the most of the upcoming weeks in order to attract last minute travel bookers. Last year, half of all hotel stays over the holidays were booked after December 14 ( Holiday 2015 Travel Prediction.) This means that if trends stay on the same track, there is still time to appeal to holiday travelers. Here are a few things to keep in mind when trying to influence these last minute purchasers.

Family travelers have a tendency of booking hotel stays earlier than solo travelers or couples. Solo travelers are the most likely demographic to wait to book until December ( Holiday 2015 Travel Prediction.) Therefore, streamlining your efforts to attract couples and even more so, those traveling solo may prove to be more successful at this stage in holiday booking.

Another thing to consider is the length of stay. Thirty-eight percent of North American travelers are searching for trips that are eight days or longer, followed by trips of 12 days or longer (Travel Weekly.) Offering deals to travelers who want to stay for these lengths of time may result in a higher number of guests at your hotel over the holidays.

It is also important to take purchasing methods into consideration. Since 35% of U.S. travelers use their smartphones to explore travel options (Phocuswright, The Mobile Travel Landscape 2015,) it is imperative to understand this when attempting to influence last minute travel bookers. Making it easy for mobile device users to find your property along with a great last minute deal will result in increased hotel bookings this holiday season.

In order for the last minute travelers to book your hotel, you have to understand who they are and what they are looking for. Targeting the right groups/individuals, considering their length of stay and also accounting for how they are booking will help you to implement the most effective tactics to attract them. It also helps to include top quality photos and rich media to ensure travelers are receptive of your hotel marketing efforts.

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