In comparison to other generations and their motivations for travel, Millennials are an anomaly in numerous ways. Social media, the desire for experiences rather than possessions and the difference of where they are in life compared to generations passed all affect their decisions. The following information from Expedia’s “Millennial Traveller Report” can help travel marketers to understand this coveted demographic and what determines their travel choices.

Authentic travel was deemed the most important thing to experience while traveling by as many as 78% of Millennials surveyed in a particular country (Australia: 58%, UK: 60%, Germany: 61%, U.S. 62%, South Korea: 67%, France: 69%, Brazil: 74%, China: 78%.) This shows how travel marketers should use the cultural selling points of a destination when trying to catch the eye of Millennials.

As far as trip research goes, this group checks with more sources than anyone else to be certain to they are making the right plans. Sixty-one percent of Millennials consult with industry experts (travel agents, travel providers and expert opinion websites,) 52% check with fellow consumers (review sites, blogs, travel forums,) and 50% use tips from close contacts (friends, family or social network contacts.)

In terms of booking methods, convenience is key for Millennials. Twenty-three percent of those that book through OTAs do so because of the convenience, as do 18% of those who book direct. The study uses examples of convenience such as: fewer confirmation emails to clutter the inbox, having a “dashboard” of options to reference at a glance, the ability to book a trip last-minute or switch names on tickets if necessary and more payment options. Convenience is a necessary consideration when trying to attract Millennials.

Last but not least, this demographic is the most receptive to personalization. The study states that 77% of Millennials would be happy to exchange their personal data if they thought there was a benefit, 93% of Millennials who are registered with an OTA! This stresses the importance of using big data to your advantage in order to provide personalized travel results for Millennials (and other demographics.)

View the full report for additional specifics on the Millennial traveler and all of the factors that influence their travel behaviors.

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