Tips on Increasing Hotel Brand Awareness

Tips on Increasing Hotel Brand Awareness

People that are searching for a hotel to book have hundreds of options when it comes to the part of the world they are visiting. To get a competitive advantage over other businesses, hotels need to use the following tips to increase their hotel brand awareness:

  • Take advantage of the digital channels used by your guests on a daily basis. Hotels should grow their online presence beyond their own website and post photos and videos, using hotel photo distribution, on hotel social channels on social media. They can also use digital channels such as Google Travel and Yext to reach guests and make their branded items available on online shops. These additional outlets can get the hotel free exposure to thousands of people that might not be aware of the property because they are not searching OTAs or hotel websites.
  • Hotels can share their photos and videos with others for external use. In the past, hotels often thought that any external use of branded images or videos should be approved by the hotel and paid for by the company using the image or video. By allowing others to use the images or videos, the brand image becomes top of mind to the public and will be referenced by others when discussing quality hotel options when a trip is being planned.
  • Guests at a hotel experience their stay using all of their senses including sound. Creating a brand playlist to share on the hotel social channels creates brand awareness by making the music an extension of the hotel, setting the mood of the property and easing guests into the frame of mind to relax and enjoy their stay BEFORE they even arrive. They can also listen to the branded playlist after their stay which can get them in the mood to book another stay at the property.
  • Hotels can host what are known as “cultural events” to attract the attention of guests. These hotel events can range from yoga to cooking classes, trips into the city and wine tastings. They are an easy upsell for current guests and help to establish the hotel as a lifestyle brand to those viewing the property.
  • Many hotels are making their amenities available for purchase outside of the hotel in third party online stores as well as the physical store they have onsite. Selling branded hotel amenities provides additional revenue and establishes a strong connection with guests. This allows the hotel an added branding opportunity to inculcate itself out in the world.

Hotel Photo Distribution of High-Quality Images & Video

When guests are searching for a hotel to book, high quality images and videos play a big role in attracting guests to a property. Visual content appeals to guests on an emotional level and gives them an idea of the type of guest experience they can expect. Forward thinking hotel marketing departments use these unique ideas to entice guests to stay at one of their hotels:

  • Send interested guests a video of the hotel via email. The video can be a tour of the hotel or it can showcase the amenities available at the property. A high-resolution video or image 360 tour of the property can answer questions more effectively than a verbal or written answer.
  • Share high-quality photos via online sites that guests visit on a daily basis. From Facebook to Yelp to Instagram, people looking to book a hotel room are actively searching online review sites and hotel social channels to get a better idea about the opinion others have about the property.
  • High-quality images and videos can be used to tell a story about the property and increase hotel brand awareness. Showcase the elements that make the property unique from the competition such as the people that work there, the special experiences that can only be found at the hotel and the high-level of hospitality that can be expected from the brand.

Brand Playlists Through Your Hotel Social Channels

Brand playlists are playlists that are publicly available and shared through the hotel social channels. The music on the playlist is an extension of the music played for guests at the property and give people a better idea about the mood and lifestyle of the property. Brand playlists allow hotels to set the mood for guests before they arrive at the hotel and they also allow guests to reminisce about their stay at the hotel. Listening to the playlist and remembering the times spent at the hotel can encourage former guests to book another stay at the hotel. It is important to have a specific idea in mind about the music that guests will like to listen to on Spotify or Apple Music and not just program the music that is liked by hotel management.

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