Although certain things are out of the hands of hotel marketers, there are numerous trip motivations for international travelers that can be leveraged to attract guests. These are the top 12 trip motivations highlighted in Phocuswright’s Engaging the International Traveler report from June 2015:

1. Get Away/Take a Break. Show off the relaxing beaches on your property or promote the hotel spa. Approximately 50% of travelers take a trip simply because they are looking to get away and relax.

2. Spend Time with Friends/Family. Use photos of groups having fun at your property in your marketing or promote group activities to appeal to those looking to have some fun with family and friends.

3. See Natural/Cultural/Historical Landmarks. Market your hotel to those looking to travel to visit landmarks in your area.

4. Available Vacation Time from Work.

5. Work/School Holiday. If your property is located in a popular Spring Break area or is in a popular place to spend Christmas, create marketing campaigns that reflect it!

6. Visit Major Tourist Attraction. Marketing your hotel to those traveling to major attractions can result in those travelers checking out your hotel when looking for accommodations.

7. Learn How Other People Live. Use the culture in your area as part of your marketing strategy. This will entice those looking to gain a cultural experience to check out your hotel when looking for somewhere to stay.

8. Celebrate Special Occasion. Appeal to honeymooners by advertising your honeymoon packages or catch the eye of those looking for a wedding venue by showing off beautiful weddings held at your property in the past.

9. Attend a Specific Event. Although people will travel for all types of events, promote your hotel and associate it with major events going on in your area (large sporting events, festivals, conventions.)

10. Extra Money/Gift/Bonus.

11. Engage in Particular Activity. If the area your property is located in is known for zip lining or whale watching, use this in your marketing.

12. Loyalty Points Redemption.

Many of these motivations can be used in social media promotions in addition to using traveler personas to personalize their search results when researching travel online.

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