tracking hotel visuals

In recent weeks we’ve highlighted how scoring and tagging of visuals within a visual content management system (CMS) can benefit hotels. The third part of our series will discuss tracking hotel visuals and how it can help you audit your content.

Tracking Hotel Visuals

In order to properly understand where your content is being delivered (or not being delivered,) your visual CMS should have a tracking system to tell you what channels your visuals are being exported to. The ICE Image Tracker includes Image Tracking for each property and every image and provides users with:

• When/by whom image(s) were uploaded/approved in the CMS
• When it was delivered to the top 20 distribution channels
• Expected date of appearance
• Notifications if there are any issues

Furthermore, tracking hotel photos will help hotels audit their content to make sure there are no issues when delivering visuals to OTAs and GDSs. Maximum distribution of high-quality content will help to increase bookings online!

Visit us again next week to learn the importance of having your visuals delivered to channels in the correct specs and language.

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