According to Phocuswright’s recent report, From Sharing to Booking: Exploring the Role of UGC on Travel Shopping, 59% of travelers are influenced by online travel reviews. Additionally, 50% of online travelers have written an online review in the past 12 months. For travel suppliers, these numbers demonstrate the importance of making a good impression on travelers and the significance of how they are reviewed online. The following statistics can help travel companies to understand what types of reviews travelers are writing and also the motivation behind writing them.

hotelApproximately 38% of online travelers that have written an online review in the past 12 months have written one about hotels. Of these reviews, 84% were positive, 9% were negative and 7% were neutral.

glass_forkApproximately 32% have written about restaurants (93% positive, 4% negative, 3% neutral.)

airplaneApproximately 25% have written about airlines (84% positive, 7% negative, 9% neutral.)

binocularApproximately 19% have written about local attractions and activities
(91% positive, 4% negative, 5% neutral.)

car_sedan2Approximately 15% have written about car rental companies (72% positive, 13% negative, 15% neutral.)

homeApproximately 7% have written about home or apartment rentals
(80% positive, 4% negative, 16% neutral.)

These numbers show that travelers like talking about positive experiences online, therefore, ensuring that you provide a good experience will gain your company positive reviews. Although just a few bad reviews can go a long way, responding with extreme customer service can turn them into positives as other travelers will see that your brand cares about its customers.

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