Today’s travelers are increasingly using and relying on travel technology throughout all stages of their trip. From the planning phase, all the way to when they are at the destination.  The statistics below represent traveler attitude, behavior and expectations:

Travel Technology

• 60% use videos and photos posted by their friends as part of their travel research (Travelport)

• 79% use review sites for researching their trips (Travelport)

• 65% use OTAs to book trips for leisure (Travelport)

• 65% avoid hotels that charge for Wi-Fi (Travelport)

• 44% research and book travel on their smartphone (Travelport)

• 60% believe a good digital experience is important when choosing an airline (Travelport)

• 38% want concierge services on their smartphone (Travelport)

• 58% worry about technology/battery failing when traveling (Travelport)

• 15 different app categories are used on average when traveling (Travelport)

• 72% of passengers are willing to share personal and geolocation data with travel providers as long as they clearly understand the value they receive in return (SITA)

This research stresses the importance of having a robust travel technology offering from your hotel’s website/app to the actual property itself.


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