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Case Study on Upgrading Hospitality Visuals

Since 2014, G6 Hospitality with our assistance, has been upgrading  visuals for their 1,400+ properties nationwide. They started with approximately 4,500 images averaging 800×600 pixels in size for all of their properties. That was an average of four photos per property. They increased the average number of photos to +30 per property, adding almost 45,000 high-resolution photos all exceeding 4,000 pixels wide, known as 4K resolution. These improvements led to a 49% increase in booking conversion rates through their brand website from December 2014 to December 2017.


G6 Hospitality has over 1,400 properties nationwide consisting of the Motel 6 and Studio 6 Extended Stay economy lodging brands. Approximately 20% of their overall bookings come from third party distribution channels with the remaining originating through direct channels including brand websites, call center and direct to property.

The Goal

G6 hoped to increase their direct bookings as well as on third party channels as a result of increasing the quality and quality of the properties’ images. The goal was to see an increase in booking conversion from December 2014 to December 2017 for this particular case study, and to consistently increase as more images are added.

The Approach

G6 began to develop a new brand website in 2014 and had photos professionally shot to showcase their corporate properties (corporate properties make up 30% of G6’s total properties.) They went from an average of four to over thirty images per property. Following the improvements made to the images of their corporate properties, they then went forward with producing professional images for all of their franchise properties. This increased their total number of photos from 4,500 to over 45,000 and counting. Additionally, the image size went from 800×600 to up to over 4,000 pixels wide depending on the OTA they are being delivered to.


• Overhaul of website – In February 2015, G6 launched new brand websites on a responsive web platform that provides a mobile optimized experience with a focus on showcasing property level content, including adding room level photos that are integrated into the booking process.

• OTA Content scores – over the past 3 years, leveraging the new portfolio on high-resolution images and their partnership with IcePortal, G6 has increased their overall content scores from the OTAs to over 85% for the portfolio, with most properties exceeding 95%.

The Outcome

As a result of upgrading their visuals on their brand website and the OTAs, G6 experienced a 49% increase in bookings from December 2014 to December 2017. They hope to continue seeing these numbers increase as they plan to have over 80,000 images across all of their properties by the end of 2018.

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