As mobile browsing becomes more prevalent, more travelers are planning and booking travel via their mobile device. Unfortunately, a poor user experience on your hotel website leaves many travelers frustrated, abandoning the reservation they are about to make. Numerous factors can effect why a consumer abandons their cart while shopping on mobile. Here are a few to consider when looking to reduce abandoned reservations on your site:

Slow Loading Times

Today’s consumer does not want to waste time waiting for a site to load. In fact, 40% of consumers will abandon a site that takes more than three seconds to load (Kissmetrics.) Do not lose reservations to a competitor because your mobile site is too slow. Invest in a web developer that can effectively minimize your page loading time. This also holds true for those making reservations via desktop.

Overly Long or Complicated Forms

Mobile consumers do not want to deal with filling out field after field on your reservation form. Keep it short and sweet and only ask for crucial information, also leaving out optional fields. Although it is nice to gather certain extra information for data and personalization purposes, there may be other points throughout the traveler’s experience that you can ask for it (check-in, post-stay surveys.)

Pricing Changes

It’s best to show consumers the total cost right from the beginning. Although this may turn a few people away up front, it will reduce the number of those abandoning their reservations when shown the total price.

Addressing these issues can help to reduce the amount of travelers abandoning reservations on your site. Keep an eye on your site’s Google Analytics to see when and where people are abandoning their carts so you can effectively determine what areas of your site/booking process need adjusting.

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