Vacation Rental Hosts Compete On New Reality Show

Vacation Rental Hosts Compete on New Reality Show

It seems like there is a reality TV show about almost any subject that can be imagined and this includes the vacation rental industry. The name of the show is “Instant Hotel” and it is available to view in the United States on Netflix (binge watching time!). The 10-episode series focuses on 10 pairs of vacation rental hosts competing to see who has the best short-term rental AKA an instant hotel. The 10 hosts of these vacation rental properties spend the night in the rentals of the other contestants and evaluate the homes based on a number of factors as they all try to win the grand prize: an all-inclusive trip to a Palm Springs, California home. Fun fact: The Palm Springs home might be owned by Leonardo DiCaprio.

Vacation Rentals Owners are Competing Against Each Other

For the show, here are the ways the vacation rental owners compete against each other:

  • The contestants are in two groups (five pairs in a group) as they evaluate their night at the vacation rentals of the others based on the actual home, local attractions and location, how well they slept and the value for the money.
  • They also rate the guests and that factors into the final decision of who gets to move on each week.
  • Part of the fun of the show comes from peer judging since it shows the personalities of the vacation hosts and how well they do, or don’t, play with others. The contestants point out any perceived shortcomings and also scheme to win the competition.
  • The reality show highlights the inner workings of the vacation rental industry and the amount of work put into winning the business of guests.

How This Show Changes the Vacation Rental Industry

Beyond the entertainment value of the show, the Netflix series changes the way the public views the vacation rental industry. The series provides an inside look at the way properties are evaluated as well as an in-depth look at the criteria that matters the most to guests when it comes to booking a vacation rental. It also shows how close property managers are to the vacation rentals they manage on a daily basis. The property managers also show why they choose to manage a property on their own instead of hiring a professional vacation rental management firm. The show gives an inside look at the world of managing, booking and branding vacation rentals which serves to increase the interest in the industry and grow the number of bookings across the country.

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