Taking a trip represents a lot of moving pieces to those who plan their own travels.You might remember Google’s infographic on their own intake on how people travel, in which they concluded that the travel journey was divided in 5 segments . These were called the 5 stages of travel, which entailed the dreaming, researching, booking, experiencing and post-travel stages.

Through each of these stages many things can happen that can change our perception of things, people and/or travel… but there is one thing they all have in common, and that is visuals.

The power of imagery is involved through every aspect of our travel, whether we notice it or not. They allow us to change our minds, make a decision, engrave our precious travel moments, and even share them with the world.

Below I compiled pretty interesting stats on how visual content is present in all of these stages, and how travelers make use of them! Don’t ignore the benefits your hotels visuals have over the modern traveler.


  • Travelers exposed on Facebook are 61% more likely to perform a travel image search
  • 66% of business travelers were inspired to think about planning a vacation after watching a travel video
  • 64% of leisure travelers watch travel video when thinking about a trip
  • 48% of travelers watched a travel-related video through their tablets


  • Travel image search rises steadily in the 5 weeks before travel purchase
  • Hotel buyers are 2X more likely to search for travel images in the week before purchase
  • Hotel buyers look at pictures/images as the second most sought content looked at when researching destinations (40%)
  • Pictures/images of the travel destination fall under the 5th place of type of information accessed through mobiles (29%)
  • When planning a trip online, 75% of US hotel guests said photography is somewhat/very important


  • Properties with more than 20 photos get 150% more engagement
  • Professional photos are used during travel shopping by almost 50% of US online travel shoppers
  •  92% of travelers are more likely to book with accommodations that post a detailed property description and photos


  • Amongst the top five uses of mobiles while traveling, taking photos ranks in #1
  • 72% of travelers post vacation photos on a social network while still on vacation


  • 76% of travelers post vacation photos to social networks when a trip is over
  • After getting home, 45% of travelers said their used their mobiles to post photos on social networking websites/apps
  • When posting videos on social networks, 62% of travelers used their laptops
  • 53% of leisure travelers say they share pictures of their vacations online

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