In an attempt to step up efficiency, some hotels have started incorporating robots into their operations. Whether or not they will see a significant increase in productivity with these new additions is yet to be seen, however, the use of robots is sure to generate conversation among the industry and travelers at the very least. Here are a few ways that robots have been integrated into the hotel business.

Relay, a robot designed and sold by Savioke is used by hotels to deliver items to hotel guests. This frees up time for the hotel’s staff to provide better customer service and deal with tasks that must be completed by humans.

Jumping in on the advent of Relay, Aloft Hotels has recently incorporated Botlr (like “Butler”) into their staff. Aloft is known for catering to millennials with the stylish design and tech-savvy nature of their properties, so it’s no surprise that adding robots to their staff has been a recent part of their innovation. Because of the social nature of Aloft Hotels, it is fitting that their version of the robot likes to take selfies and accepts ratings from guests by means of tweets.

Taking the use of robots to the next level is Henn-na Hotel in Nagasaki. This hotel, whose name translates to “Strange Hotel,” is staffed almost entirely of robots. From a robot dinosaur that checks you in at the front desk to a robot concierge and a robot that carries your bags, this hotel certainly seems to be named appropriately.

Although at somewhat different ends of the spectrum, these two companies prove that the use of robots at hotels may become more popular in months or years to come. Whether the purpose be to cut costs or just to add an interesting feature to the hotel, it will be interesting to see where more robots will be implemented and what they are used for.

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