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Smartphones usage is at the highest level ever. Millennials and Gen Xers are the culprits of consumption. The average mobile user picks up their cell phone 80 times a day.  Are you one of them?  How are hotels embracing millenials?

What other ways are hotels embracing millenials? Hotels are being creative in the way of attracting hotel guests. As the baby boomers decline in hotel attendance, they need to market to a new audience. Millennials and Gen X are their next target segment. How are hotels attracting these generations? They are catering to their smartphone usage. According to Pew Research, 92% of Millennials Own A Smartphone…and 85% of Gen Xers” and 76% of both generations use social media daily.

As a hotelier, how do you capitalize on the usage and attract these demographics into your hotel? You think outside the box.

Hotels are promoting user-generated content while finding creative ways to order room service.

Creativity Pays Off

Here are a few examples incorporating social media tactics into their strategy that are allowing hotels embracing millenials.

Emoji usage has exploded 766% on social media, according to NewWhip.  Hotels are looking to take advantage of the trend.

Aloft in downtown Manhattan has recently added an Emoji Room Service Menu. The hotel created a special menu of emoji “kits,” featuring commonly ordered items. A guest can text the hotel’s front desk with a number of emoji’s that correspond to menu items.

For example:


the Re:fresh (toothpaste, toothbrush, razor, shaving cream, and deodorant).  The Munchies (various snack foods plus a beverage), and even The Hangover (Advil, vitamin water, and bananas).

Using Social Walls

Hotel’s are increasing their media spend to include social media. The Four Seasons Dallas incorporated “social walls” into their lobby for their July 4th celebration. These social walls displayed photos and tweets generated by the guests.  Guests were tweeting while in the lobby just to see their tweets appear on the social wall.

W hotels are growing their social media presence by adding Snapchat geofilters to their properties. Geofilters are an overlay filter that are added to a photo. The geofilter design is based upon a specific location — say New York or Milan. They change depending on your location. Each filter has different characteristics such as time, date, temperature, or venue.

W Hotels are the first hotel brand to add these filters to their properties, enabling guests to show their Snapchat followers their exact location.  W Hotels benefit by having the consumer self promote the property and drives more traffic to the W Hotel.

Final Thoughts

Getting heads into beds are the number one priority for any hotel. Creating a vehicle that engages, converts, and boosts revenue is always front and center with all marketers. The power of social media and the ability to design an engaging mobile platform will differentiate your brand from your competitor.

It will be interesting to see what comes next and the role that social media and apps continue to play in hotel marketing innovation.

Next Steps

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