We want to start by congratulating a few of our partner companies that have
had some tremendous successes in recent weeks. Starwood Hotels
successfully acquired Design Hotels AG 49.8% stake from it’s partner
Arabella Hospitality, Expedia and United Airlines integrate closer for hotel
content, ReviewPro won top Travel Innovation Award at the most recent
PhoCusWright convention, Rate Tiger Launched a Mac OS version of
their RTSuite and Appnostic released their Facebook Booking App
called Socialbooker.
In addition, our VP of Biz Development, Gil Keinan had the pleasure
to meet with the founding team of Cendyn at their beautiful offices
in Boca Raton, FL,  and can only encourage hoteliers to check out
their 360 Marketing product. A full suite solution with automation,
statistics and tools to enhance conversion like never seen before.
We speak to Directors of Marketing every day and truly believe
that putting aside budgets for electronic marketing is not the holy grail and
definitely not the end of the process. A good marketing campaign will address
consumers through various channels and will entice them to book different
products at different times of the year. Good marketers will employ critical
thinking as it relates to the content of the offer and the channel deployed and
thus the target audience. Tracking and understanding consumer behavior and
flexing the offering to gain the business is easy to for everyone to say- but
impossible to do with home grown solutions- that’s what all of the above
mentioned companies have in common- they are experts of their domain.
We at ICE concentrate on clients visual content and delivery. Content can
be defined as text and visual information in relationship to its environment
and source. It is analagous to using stock photography of a room/cabin
in a marketing campaign aimed at a certain theme and type
of clientele – similar to selling chocolate in standard packaging for the Holidays.
Creating a visual especially for the message will always help a business
stand out from its competitors and will help draw more eyeballs. So
now look at your various offers- what pictures do you show?

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