Understand what a Virtual Tour is, and what it is used for.

Virtual reality or virtual ambience is a technology that makes it possible for a visitor to interact with a property through a device (either a desktop, tablet or smartphone). The goal here is create an experience as close as possible of the reality, to help visitors to decide between properties, based on a very interactive experience. 

The old fashion way, of looking to static images to have an idea about a hotel or destination is no longer effective. Now days, the technology makes it possible for a more interactive and realistic experience: The virtual tour. Using HD and HDR – High Dynamic Range- technology, the photographer is capable to transform a shot in a life-like experience.

Who can use it?

Virtual tours can be used by hotels, realtors, golf resorts, casinos, destinations, schools, malls, night clubs, parks, events vendors, gyms, construction companies, etc. Virtual tours can be inserted on a website or used in a multimedia project.

A virtual tour will make your property stand out. In a world where people are looking for more interactivity and real experiences, makes it possible for your visitors to actually walk through your property is a huge differential.

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