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In previous weeks, we’ve covered what makes up a dynamic visual content management system (CMS). So far, we explained the importance of scoring, tagging, tracking and delivery in the correct specs and language. This week we’ll highlight how important it is to have stellar customer support from your CMS.

Although you now know the criteria your CMS should meet, consumers using any technology platforms can encounter bugs. Dealing with these issues is much easier when your CMS provider has a knowledgeable and hardworking support team.

At IcePortal, our support team handles anything from locked account cases to complex cases with distributors.  Most importantly, we are available via phone, email, Support form and Live Chat.  IcePortal can be accessed both on our website Support page and within the CMS.

Now you know what important features make up a visual CMS.  Interested in getting started managing and distributing your visuals in ICE?  Please contact us.

Click here to contact us https://web.iceportal.com/contact/


IcePortal helps clients manage and distribute visual content to over millions of unique visitors a month. We distribute to 1,000s of travel and local websites around the globe in thirteen languages. To know more about us visit our social profiles on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn or Google+; visit ICEPortal, or give us a call at (+1)954-893-6778. We would love to hear from you!
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