After upgrading your hotel’s visuals for the upcoming year, hoteliers should consider using a Digital Asset Management (DAM) system to organize their digital assets.

A recent report from IDC, “Proving the Value of Digital Asset Management for Digital Marketers and Creative Teams” says that one-third of marketing assets go unused or underutilized. A reliable DAM system can save time and money and will ensure you get the most out of your visuals. If you are a hotelier and are not already using a DAM system or Digital Asset Library, these statistics should help you understand what a difference one can make:


• Forty-nine percent of those surveyed say DAM eliminates awkward review/commenting/approvals processes.

• Sixty-two percent say DAM alleviates the difficulties associated with sharing assets with external collaborators.

• Fifty-three percent say DAM improves visibility into project status.

• Seventy-nine percent have increased revenue by 10% or more after using a DAM system.

• Ninety-seven percent have reduced asset creation costs by 10% or more.

• Eighty-six percent have reduced risk by 10% or more.

• Ninety-seven percent have increased productivity by 10% or more.

• Sixty-four percent cited duplication of effort (which can be resolved with a DAM system.)

• Seventy-six percent say DAM eliminates difficulty finding assets and time spent recreating assets that already exist

• Eighty-five percent say they are under pressure to create assets and deliver campaigns more quickly, which can be helped with a DAM system.

• Seventy-one percent say they need to create 10x as many assets as they once did to support all channels, which can be made easier by DAM.

• Seventy-six percent say that personalization is increasing the need for more assets, which a DAM system assists with.

• Eighty-eight percent say the marketers need an easy way to discover and share assets that generate the best engagement.

• Ninety-two percent agree that good metadata is critical for finding assets and creating relevant experiences.

• Seventy-nine percent say that visibility into how assets are consumed is critical for optimizing creative spend.

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