Why Hotel Media Management Is Critical For Boutique Hotels

How many times have you stayed at a specific mainstream hotel because they have an ice maker? Probably none. Ice makers have become such commonplace in hotels that they are no longer a perk. They’re just expected to be there.

But what if your boutique hotel truly has something unique? Something that sets you apart from the endless line of mainstream hotels? Boutique hotels can offer an experience that mainstream hotels simply cannot match. Even with this advantage, many boutique hotels fail to book the guests they need to thrive.


They fail to recreate the experience. With boutique hotels, a photo can portray an experience and build desire more effectively than blocks of text can. Customers want to see themselves enjoying time at your hotel, not just told that they will. With hotel media management, you can manage and distribute high-quality images that can share the experience that only your boutique hotel can provide.

Hotel Digital Asset Library Advantages

A hotel digital asset library has countless benefits that can help share your hotel’s experiences with the world. With hotel DAL, you’ll no longer have to search for the right size for a picture, spend large amounts of time requesting permissions, or second-guessing the right background color. You’ll have a centralized solution that provides:

  • A one stop to store, organize and share every digital asset
  • Visuals that can be optimized for 3rd party channels
  • A simple way that saves time searching for or recreating unfound assets

Image Management System For Boutique Hotels

A trusted image management system for boutique hotels can help you share your experience with the world. At IcePortal, we provide a system that provides:

  • Delivery to world’s largest distribution partner network, your visuals everywhere
  • Simple, intuitive Graphical User Interface (GUI)
  • Better visuals which lead to an improved content score and higher rankings

These lead to more bookings and more satisfied guests. As a boutique hotel, your guests will be looking for a luxurious experience that mainstream hotels cannot provide. With IcePortal’s image management system, you can simplify your image management and focus on the special features of your hotel that make you truly unique.

With IcePortal’s hotel media management, you can manage and distribute high-quality images that can create experiences for your new customers.

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