Social media can be a daunting task for hoteliers trying to convince consumers to book at their hotel. Which platform will capture the best engagement? What should I post, a photo or a video? And how often do I need to post? The beauty of Instagram is that it’s a social media sharing platform where users can post visual and video content that can be liked, commented and shared. What makes Instagram unique is that it focuses on engaging users through visuals. Since consumers now have the option of booking a hotel room through Twitter, will Instagram be the next booking platform? Lets take a look why so many hotel brands have jumped on the Instagram bandwagon.

Instagram is a major player in the social media sphere, it has 200 million monthly active users, 60 million photos posted each day, and 1.6 billion likes per day. In addition, 86% of top brands have Instagram accounts, up from 71% last year. (SimplyMeasured). Instagram allows hotels to connect with the next generation of travelers who are already redefining the way we book travel, millennials. Most brands understand the importance of reaching this audience through social platforms, they are able to increase their brand awareness while getting a better understanding of travel consumers wants and needs.

In a study done by SimplyMeasured, a significant increase of brand’s using Instagram jumping from 54% to 86% in the last two years, and audience engagement has grown 416% in the same time span. A great example of hotels getting excellent engagement from user is Starwood Hotels and Resorts. Starwood has over 37,000 followers and their hotels are tagged in more than 40,000 Instagram accounts a month. (USA Today)

“The Simply Measured report further confirms that consumer engagement with visual content coming from brands is on the rise. Brands that are able to develop a strong visual marketing strategy, and invest in executing it, will move ahead of the pack in the years to come”, said Olapic’s CEO Pau Sabria.

Hotel brands have jumped on the Instagram bandwagon because they see the impact the visual app has created. Instagram is perfect for hotels because it spread brand awareness, increases their audience by connecting with users, creates engagement and promotes the dream stage of travel. Hotels need to provide excellent visual content because consumers want the best. High quality, up to date visuals will get the best engagement so hotels need to invest in their visual content. The engagement from the visual and rich media content hotels share to the platform will lead to more bookings. Don’t leave money on the table, get those bookings!

Image via Starwood’s Instagram

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