With the amount of data that hotels are receiving, it should come as no surprised how popular personalization for hotels has become over the past few years. Personalization isn’t a new phenomenon.  With technology it has become easier than ever to provide guests with an experience that is more tailored to their wants and needs. Travelers not only want a more personalized experience, they expect it. Here are the benefits of personalization for resorts and hotels.

Personalization Inspires Travel

Did you know that 86% of consumers say that personalization for hotels plays a role in their purchasing decisions? (Infosys). We can see why, when we see personalization on sites such as Amazon and Netflix.  The recommendations based on past purchases and movies we’ve watched increases the likelihood that we would like their recommendations. Same for travel.  Perspective guests want to see rooms based on their needs. If they are a business traveler they will most likely want to stay at a place that provides high speed internet and great business rooms. Show them what they want!

Personalizaiton For Hotels Creates Brand Loyalty

Most natably, personalization takes an ordinary trip into a memorable experience. And guests love that! They’ll remember that when they recommend trips to their friends and family, or when it’s time to book their next trip. Personalization allows hotels to build stronger relationships with their guests.  This allows hotels to maintain and increase their guest retention, which means more bookings and happier guests.

Personalization allows you to stand apart from competitors

Consequently, it’s important to differentiate yourself from your competitors. Personalization for hotels allows you to do so. By connecting with technology you can have prospective guests COME TO YOU. If a perspective guest is nearby with GPS technology, an alert for a deal at your nearby hotel can pop up. Teaming up with companies such as Uber or Lyft and providing deals for those users can increase your bookings and amount of foot traffic at your hotel. Personalization is a win-win for the hotel as well as the guest, the hotel wants to understand the guest better to keep them coming back and guests want excellent personal service. Without personalization, your hotel will stay in prehistoric times, get with the times!


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