Digital Asset Library or DAL

Centralize and Organize with
the Digital Asset Library

DAL is an add-on Content Library – designed to help you centralize, manage and share all your digital assets internally and externally. Together with IcePortal CMS, it is the perfect fit for the Travel & Hospitality space.

Ensuring all your essential assets are in one place: organized, harmonized and easily found.


Digital Asset Library

Consolidate All Content

  • Store and manage all your content in one unified platform
  • Search and access your assets instantly

Dive into an intuitive GUI

  • Benefit and use DAL’s intuitive GUI with the language of your choice
  • Find what content is popular and shared by your team & partners

Rely on our Product

  • Secure your content with our reliable security and backup solutions
  • Seek our product expertise
  • 24/7 customer support
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